Set visits of Thor: Ragnarok are flooding the internet today and a lot of details are starting to come out concerning the film’s plot and approach to characters.  One element that has received little attention in the trailers is exactly what Loki is up to.  Last time fans saw the god of mischief he’d managed to wrestle away control of Asgard from Odin.  Now it appears that he’s come upon some hard times.  Given his constant threat as a villain, how exactly does his character handle the appearance of Hela, another malevolent force in Thor’s life?

He and every other character underestimates her power, and they underestimate the secret she has which blindsides them all: the idea that she has been lying in wait all this time for the stage to be set for her return. She is all-powerful, and so everything about her is surprising to Loki and to Thor as well.

Given his typical role as a schemer and smartest guy in the room, being taken by surprise is a new scenario for Loki.  Reading between the lines it seems that she is a problem for Loki because she has some of the same goals as Loki.  He can’t rule Asgard if she’s in charge.  Also, Loki’s ability has never really been about power.  Thor and Odin are both far more powerful than he is when it comes to brute strength.  So having yet another entity that can beat him up will surely be a frustration to the god who’d far rather trick you then hit you.

This antagonism between Hela and Loki is not the only dynamic in play, however.  Loki also has a few attributes that he finds interesting about the goddess of death.

They recognize in each other that [they] prefer anarchy to order, that chaos is more fun, if a little exhausting. They also recognize the aesthetic value of a green cape. If you’re gonna be bad, you might as well be bad with style…

Other interviews have suggested that ruling a kingdom is not as much fun as Loki had expected.  There is an inherent tension between being a character in love with mischief and trying to run a nation.  Often the responsible thing for a ruler is to maintain strict order and organization.  In Hela, Loki sounds like he will he see a reflection of part of himself that maybe he’s missed since becoming the man in charge.

Just how this will all shake out is interesting.  It could be fun to see Loki play a straight anti-hero for an entire film.  The likelihood of some late film treachery also seems high.  Either way, the two of them together will be a lot for Thor to try to handle when Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters in a couple of months.

What do you think?  Do you want to see Hela and Loki team up in this movie?  Or would it be fun to see him face the adversity of being picked on by someone more powerful than he?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Collider

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