Spider-Man: Homecoming is now in post-production and the publicity machine should be firing up to full speed soon. A lot is riding on the first MCU take on Spidey, including proving that the Sony/Marvel relationship is a sustainable model that other studios might want to look into. One way that they will be pushing the movie is via social media, and today Tom Holland shared a little video on the latest suit via his Instagram.

The most important upgrade out of #CES2017. #spidermanhomecoming

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The video doesn’t share much information that fans didn’t already have access to, but a few things stick out. One is the mention of Stark tech and a GPS locator. Not only does it hammer home the MCU connection points in the movie, as did the first trailer, but it also lends some credence to a possible story element that many have speculated on. It appears that at some point Peter Parker will ditch his Stark suit for his old homemade suit, probably during what appears to be a Coney Island fight scene. A GPS unit, and Tony’s urging of Spidey to sit out the Vulture chase, suggests a plot development where Parker decides that he can’t risk Stark tracking him and preventing his engagement with the Vulture. It’s easy to imagine a situation where Vulture also kidnaps someone close to Spider-Man and demand he come alone, requiring him to ditch the Stark tech.

Another interesting tidbit is the laser targeting on the web shooters. Such a detail seems like a neat bit of trivia. Anyone who has played with a toy web shooter knows that targeting isn’t as easy as you’d think. But it also raises some questions. Shouldn’t we see a red dot on the guys he’s webbing? Is it a special laser that only his eyepieces can see? Would there be a way for a villain to hack into them and mess up the targeting? Still, it is cool for traditionalists to see the shooters in favor of the organic shooters, even if it is not traditional for them to be obviously visible outside the costume.

Finally, it is also of interest that Marvel is expanding the places where they are selling their properties. This video is part of their promotional activity at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show). While many wouldn’t think of this as an obvious place to sell a movie, Sony’s involvement probably is part of the pitch. They can sell their movie to computer fans and vice-versa.

Did any detail stick out to you from the video? Are you ready for the onslaught of Homecoming advertising and promotion? Do you have high hopes that Marvel will get this movie right? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Spider-Man: Homecoming featuring Holland, Michael Keaton, and Robert Downey Jr. comes to theaters on July 7th, 2017.