Seems like we’re learning more about how Sony and Disney were able to reconcile on a new deal for Spider-Man. It seems that Tom Holland himself was instrumental in this new deal. As The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Holland directly appealed to both Disney CEO Bob Iger and Sony film chairman Tom Rothman to reach a deal. They say that the deal was “100% dead” on August 20th, until Holland intervened.

He did so by leaning on Tom Rothman, since Holland is set to star in Sony’s Uncharted. Which Sony seems very intent on making happen, despite already losing several directors. The young star also appealed to the both of them by showing them the outpouring of fan support.

So, it seems like there weren’t any secret negotiations going on after August 20th with both companies at a standstill. The deal was dead before the opening of Far From Home with Alan Horn breaking off negotiations. So, I guess in large part we have to thank Tom Holland for helping make this new deal happen. With this revelation, I’m now doubting that rumor of Marvel Studios using the character’s next two movie appearances as a means to send him off.

I can’t imagine that Tom Holland will be satisfied with just two more appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which means that it’s very likely that after Sony and Disney fulfill this new deal, another will be made, likely with more pushing from Holland.

Do you think another deal will be made after this one?

Source: THR