Next year will give us our third incarnation of Spider-Man, but the first one under the Marvel Cinematic Universe umbrella. Instead of appearing in his own film first, Spider-Man will first appear in Captain America: Civil War where Tom Holland will make his debut as the web-slinger.

Holland can next be seen in In The Heart of The Sea, which will hit movie theaters next month, alongside Chris Hemsworth, who helped him get the role. While out promoting the movie, he sat down with IGN to talk about getting ready to play Spider-Man. He is understandably nervous but is hoping to get some help along the way.

It’s very daunting because obviously the first two guys were so great and they did such fantastic performances, so I’ve got quite a lot to follow. I think I’ll have the help from the rest of the Marvel universe. What’s quite exciting is when you read these comics he’s in, he interacts with a lot of other superheroes. I don’t know if they will, I mean they might. I’d love the idea of sort of teaming up with other people and getting to work with some of the other fantastic cast that are in this universe.

It would be very exciting to see Spidey team up with someone (Hawkeye perhaps?) and there have been other rumblings that Tony Stark could make an appearance in the still untitled 2017 Spider-Man film. But Holland doesn’t know too much about the film at this point.

As of now, I know nothing. I just know one day in the near future, I will be able to play Spider-Man but as of now I don’t know much.

Holland seems very charismatic and should do a fine job as Peter Parker, but he is hoping for something stellar when his solo film comes around in a few years.

Hopefully great things. Hopefully good things, and I’m sure they’ll be good. The Marvel creative team are fantastic and really brilliant and I’m sure they’re coming up with some pretty stellar stuff.

It’s unclear just what we can expect tonally with Jon Watts at the helm, but he is teasing a “coming-of-age” film. Hopefully this time out, Marvel and Sony can collectively knock this film out of the park.

Spider-Man will first appear in Captain America: Civil War before his solo film hits theaters on July 27, 2017.

Source: IGN.