Spider-Man: Homecoming had quite a weekend behind it, as it not only managed to make a lot of money and put the character back on the cinematic map, but it also is the beginning of a new franchise for Sony and Marvel Studios. The actor portraying the web slinger, Tom Holland, offered some insight into his experiences being on set, how his new-found fame helped strengthen his friendship with Zendaya and who he would want to see playing Uncle Ben in the future in an interview with BBC Radio 1.

One thing many might be wondering is how exactly filming is done with the various heroes and villains are punching each other. Well, it seems that even during the filming of Captain America: Civil War the actor never truly got a chance to act off of any of the actors outside of Captain America. The CGI-heavy characters like Ant-Man, or rather Giant-Man, War Machine, Vision or Iron Man were not present during Spider-Man’s participation at the battle, as he was forced to act off of tennis balls so that he knew where the characters were.

“I didn’t get to meet anyone apart of Chris Evans. I had to do a fight scene with him and everyone else was just tennis balls.”

He actually only met the rest of the Avengers on the red carpet when everyone came together. It also seems that this carried over into the production of Homecoming, as the young actor barely knew what characters he was fighting or interacting with, as they were not allowed to tell him while filming those sequences.

“You are fighting this person. What does he look like. Well we can’t tell you, because if we tell you, you will know who it is. Yeah, but what he sounds like. Well, we can’t tell you that because that would give away who he is.”

It seems that the tight-lipped Marvel also keeps their secret policy quite alive even on set. Holland points out how difficult it is to act with only your imagination, as he has absolutely no idea what exactly he is fighting. It also seems that with Spidey they are quite happy to see him jump around a lot, which does fit the character. Seems even Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr., gave him advice that he should allow his stunt double’s to take over the jumping, but Holland would rather have the freedom to do it himself.

Another major part of the interview was the fact that thanks to his appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actor has grown much more popular than even he could have imagined it. The actor does seem quite happy with his new fame and he actually can talk to Zendaya, who already had experience with this kind of lifestyle. They seem to have created a good friendship through the film and sharing their experiences with being more famous in the public eye.  (Editor note: Gossip magazines have now suggested they are dating in real life.)

One last little tidbit, Holland threw his personal favorite pick into the ring to play Uncle Ben and it would be no one other than Toby Maguire. It would be a great to see the former Spider-Man actor to play the iconic character, as it would be another way to highlight the way the torch is being passed on from one actor to another. Holland did point out that he met Andrew Garfield at the BAFTAs, where he also gave him his blessing.

How fun or awkward do you think it is to act with tennis balls? Who is your personal pick for Uncle Ben?