Variety recently sat down with Tom Holland to discuss his role as Peter Parker in the MCU and the various films that he has been part of in the last few years. Much of the interview is redundant to those who have been keeping up with Holland’s previous comments (he obviously has some pat answers for some questions). Still, there is some good conversation around how the movies feel different while shooting and what it’s like to be Spider-Man on the big screen.

Talking about the tone of Spider-Man: Homecoming Holland points to the youth of the film and contrasts it with other movies he’s done with Marvel.

We definitely focus on a younger superhero. From the vast amount of superhero movies that we’ve seen, we’ve seen the soldier, the scientist, the billionaire, and now it’s time to see the kid. There’s something interesting in giving a 15-year-old incredible powers and seeing what he would do with it. I strongly believe a 15-year-old would have the time of his life. It was important that we see Peter Parker enjoying his powers, but also using them to do good.

[The MCU movies] all feel like very different movies to me. “Civil War” was such a whirlwind, and I didn’t really know what was going on. I was thrown into the deep end. “Spider-Man” was the best time of my life. I was there with my best friend. We shot in Atlanta. We shot every day and just had an absolute blast. “Avengers” was crazy, because you’re on set every day with actors I never dreamed I would work with. I’m as much a fan as anyone else.

For MCU fans this is music to the ears. A big part of why the MCU is so fun is because every film is different. Spider-Man: Homecoming is supposed to be a fun, high school film and it seems the cast had a legitimately great time being together. The obvious chemistry the cast built off set, as seen on social media and mentioned here, is a good sign that the vibe of the film will be perfect. For Infinity War, Holland was a bit star struck. Such a perspective makes a lot of sense for the character within the context of the films.

Holland talks about the filming of the next Avengers in the past tense. That may mean that he is finished with a short appearance. It also could mean, however, that he is merely finished with a portion. With such a gigantic cast and two films being shot back to back, scheduling is certainly a nightmare. Actors will be showing up for some scenes, leaving set to work on other things, and coming back months later. At the very least Holland will need to do a promotional tour for the new Spidey, so shooting schedules will have to consider that challenge.

With news that Venom may be coming to theaters soon, Variety asked Holland about his possible involvement. His answer suggests he has nothing to do with it.

I have no idea. I haven’t read a script. I haven’t seen any sort of concept art, so that would be something I would decide on when I see material.

The early reports are that the Venom movie would be disconnected from the MCU and Spider-Man. This would be a sign that’s accurate. Holland has a contract for several films yet he clearly sees Venom as an optional film he’d have to sign off on. He doesn’t have a vote on whether he wants to do an Avengers film or a Spider-Man film, so this is on the outside of his contract as he understands it.

Speaking of contracts, Marvel is also very particular about what someone is and is not allowed to share with the media. Holland details a time he ran afoul of the secrecy police.

You are supposed to be incredibly secretive. I’m maybe not as secretive as they would like. I recently came home from “Avengers” and you’re supposed to hand your script in once you’re finished. They only really give you the pages for that day, and I accidentally took them home and apparently there’s a big old panic at the studio, because no one could find my script and was worried that it would get out. So I put a video on Instagram burning them in my dad’s wood burner just to prove that they weren’t going anywhere.

For more information on the Spider-Man suit, Holland’s love of the character, and his first meeting with other Spidey actors check out the piece over at Variety. Stay tuned to MCUExchange for all your latest news, reviews, podcasts, and much more.

Source: Variety