We have seen several different incarnations of Spider-Man recently, but there are none as exciting as the most recent return of the character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War. With Sony and Marvel teaming up, fans are already excited about Tom Holland’s portrayal of the smart-mouthed web-slinger who will take center stage in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Fans aren’t the only ones excited, though. Sony executive Tom Rothman recently told IGN that teaming up with Marvel has created a “Crown Jewel” for the studio.

“Here’s the thing I can tell you: We’re really, really fortunate on this because Marvel and Kevin Feige have really embraced the character, and nobody knows it as well as Marvel,” Rothman told IGN. ” It is another crown jewel of Sony’s for sure.”

In the first week of filming for Spider-Man: Homecoming, we saw set pictures where the cast was filming at a high school. With the name of the film actually including the word “Homecoming,” it’s been assumed that a homecoming dance would be included, if not a central part of the movie. Rothman confirmed that the title has more than one meaning.

It’s relevant to the story because it takes place in high school and there is a scene — that I guess I can give a little thing — at a homecoming dance. I’ve actually seen the dailies of it because we already did the high school shooting of it in the first couple weeks. It’s fantastic! But it’s also a homecoming to Marvel. And a homecoming to the cinematic universe that Spider-Man belongs in. So it’s a pretty unprecedented deal between two studios, but we’re really proud of it. And all I can tell you is, those guys at Marvel — I think the technical term is — they know their sh-t.

Rothman went on to explain that Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man is the shine in these crown jewels.

This is it. This is that character in all of its youthful complications and “I have to save the world and get my chemistry homework done.”

One additional benefit of teaming up with Marvel, and joining the MCU, is that Sony has access to other MCU characters. In Captain America: Civil War, a bond was formed between Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Holland’s Peter Parker. How important will it be that Downey is returning in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

It’s very important. It’s wonderful commercially, but that’s not why. You can see the beginnings of the relationship that was established in Civil War, so it was very important from a character part of the story, and I think fans will really be rewarded by the character growth between them.

What has kept the MCU strong is that the focus has been on the depth of characters. It is great to see that as the universe expands, the new characters are getting that same focus. As we learn more about what is in production for Spider-Man: Homecoming, how are you feeling about the direction they are taking? Let us know in the comments!

We have a little less than a year before seeing the final product. Spider-Man: Homecoming will be in theaters July 7, 2017. Until then, stay tuned here for all of the latest news!

Source: IGN Via Comicbook