A Halo tournament is currently ongoing this weekend and some awesome yet brief Avengers: Infinity War footage was aired during the commercials. You gotta love the fandom for pointing out these things to us we otherwise wouldn’t have seen. Two TV spots were aired with each having different scenes than the other and someone was nice enough to put them all together in a single video. Check it out!

As always with any new Infinity War footage, there’s some stuff to unpack. In the TV spots, we get to see a new Hulk out moment for Bruce which we assume takes place inside the Asgardian ship which Thanos embarks. Some descriptions online describe the first Thanos-Hulk in the ship as unfavorable for the green rage monster. We see a shot of the Guardians traversing space. That same shot was included in the leaked SDCC footage. We get a really cool “knighting” scene between Tony and Peter where Spidey gets acknowledged as an Avenger. One interesting detail about that shot is that you can see a blue portal behind Tony. Depending on where this is (it clearly takes place where Peter and Strange meet), could this be the portal that brings them to Titan? Could this be a portal conjured by Strange or the blue space stone?

There’s also a super sad moment here where Wanda consoles a Vision that looks like he’s about to die uttering, “We are out of time.” We see the trees of Wakanda get trampled by an army of Outriders followed by a new shot of Strange in that torture scene with the icicles on his face. We also see Sam and Romanoff getting ready to fight in the jungles of Wakanda. My favorite bit in these two TV spots? That haunting female voice humming the Avengers theme. I really could have used that in my Road to Infinity War video. Damn you late TV spots!

Source: Streamable via Reddit