One of the burning questions fans had upon watching the Avengers: Endgame was the identity of Tony’s inevitable savior in his being castaway in space. A lot of fans quickly turned to Captain Marvel as Tony’s savior given her capabilities. I myself had Pepper Potts in the Rescue armor as my pick as it made some sense for the character to finally be her own hero. Turns out, neither may be Tony’s savior. According to a presentation by Audi, it might Thor’s rabbit BFF Rocket that saves Iron Man.

The folks at Quattro Daily put two and two together when a press release by Audi (the company that provides all the cool cars Tony Stark owns in the films) revealed the peculiar title of an upcoming VR presentation with Marvel. The title? Marvel’s Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run. The press release describes the VR experience as “it puts passengers in the passenger seat of Rocket’s spaceship, traversing an asteroid field.”

Now for all we know, this Rocket Raccoon rescue VR experience could totally be about something else. It could be him rescuing someone else midway through the film. But looking at some of the stuff we know about Rocket’s savvy and how the film left the Guardians, this is the most plausible candidate for Tony’s rescue yet. If there’s one guy who can find a way to remotely access the Benatar, it’s Rocket. I imagine that tracking the rest of his Guardians family will be number one priority for Rocket. He discovers the Benatar’s coordinates and bam, Tony’s conversing with a talking raccoon.

Source: Quattro Daily via Comicbook