This is a new feature for us but one we’ve debated internally for a while. Several of us here, myself obviously included, are collectors as well as fans and we’ve often talked about dipping our toes into the waters of discussing collectibles with our readers. As a first effort, I’m reviewing only the MCU-related characters from my recently purchased set of 6 inch Marvel Legends now available through Amazon. For now, we’ll only be discussing the 4 figures from the set that are MCU-related, but if you readers find this useful, please let us know in the comments and we could expand to include the entire set and other collectibles in the future.

Gladiator Thor


A solid figure all around, this MCU Thor gets an A+ for looking a hell of a lot like Chris Hemsworth. The Sakaaran Gladiator outfit looks fantastic as they’ve given much effort to the details including his face paint and all the markings on his armor. For obvious plot-related reasons, this is the first Thor figure I’ve collected that doesn’t have Mjolnir but he does come with two great looking swords. I would have traded one of them for the really cool looking shield he has in the trailer, but that’s a small gripe.

On the down side, I tend to be on the Edna Mode side of the spectrum when it comes to capes: NO CAPES! This particular cape needs to have two holes lined up in order for the peg to work out, so it’s a bit of a bother, but on the other hand, once he is posed, he’s not going very far!

Overall a great figure and one worth adding to the MCU collection. Despite being new to market, this figure is available now for below-market prices from third-party sellers on Amazon.


As big of a fan as I am of the God of Mischief, I’m not a huge fan of this figure. If the Thor figure above got an A+ for looking like Hemsworth, this one gets a D+ for looking like Tom Hiddleston. I can tell that was the goal, but I’m not buying the finished product. The costume is nice and I love the helmet and the fact that it is removable, but this Loki comes with ZERO accessories. No daggers. Nothing. Also…the cape.

If you’re collecting in order to build the BAF, you’ll obviously need to either buy him (he’s also availble on Amazon from third-party sellers for below market value) or pick up the leg he comes with on eBay. If I weren’t addicted, this one would probably have been pass for me.


This Hela figure is exquisite in every way. One of my favorite in the set (Ares takes the cake for me) and one of the best done MCU-related figures to date, this one is a must.

She comes with a second, helmet-less head and the similarity to Cate Blanchett is pretty solid, but the helmet is so impressively detailed and so fantastic that I won’t ever be displaying it without it and the only time it will probably ever have come off was to take this other picture:

My only minor complaint about the figure is that much like many of the other female Legends, Hela is hard to get to stand up. In this case, the cape actually helps with keeping her upright, but if you shed the cape, it’s a bit of a struggle. The attention to detail on the costume is incredible and her sword is also finely detailed. This is a big winner for me and, if not for Ares, would be the top figure in the set. She comes with one of the BAF arms and one of his weapons, making her a well-stocked figure, almost making up for Loki. She is apparently a very popular figure as she’s been popping in and out of stock at Amazon over the past couple of days, so if you’re looking to buy her, keep checking.

Gladiator Hulk BAF

One of my favorite BAFs in a long time and an improvement in every way over the previous Planet Hulk Legend, this Hulk is just bad ass. The detail of the face sculpt, the pain, the costumes and the weapons (which are super heavy by the way and make posing a bit of an issue) are unlike any BAF that comes to mind. The helmet and shoulder armor are removable so if you want to have a more mellow looking Hulk on your shelf, you certainly can, but they also make for a fierce looking 7″ Hulk if you keep them on.

I have no issues with this BAF at all. He assembled easily, he stayed together once assembled and he’s going to look great on my shelf once I figure out which other Legend needs to get the boot.

There you have it, our first effort at a collectible review! Please let us know in the comments if you’re interested in us doing this regularly or if you could do without it. We would certainly expand into Funkos and other realms if the interest is there!