Iron Fist’s second season will feature the long-awaited debut of the classic Daredevil villain Typhoid Mary, who will be portrayed by Alice Eve. Though fans of Danny Rand are expecting (and will likely get) some more traditional Iron Fist storylines involving the likes of Steel Serpent, Typhoid could easily supplement that with a subplot of her own.

Psychologically traumatized by an encounter with Daredevil, Mary developed three personalities: “Mary”, a shy, quiet girl who Daredevil began a relationship with, “Typhoid”, a lustful and outgoing counterpart to Mary, and the murderous “Bloody Mary”, a ruthless, psychotic, man-hating persona. Typhoid Mary also happens to be a mutant with pyrokinetic and telekinetic abilities that typically only manifest when she is wreaking havoc as “Bloody Mary,” though I think it’s unlikely that those abilities transition over into her live-action adaptation.

During footage shown at San Diego Comic-Con, it was inferred that Mary is working for Joy Meachum. Assuming that Marvel wasn’t trying to mislead us, this could likely allude to the character’s more recent comic history as an assassin working for the Shadow Initiative. Acting mostly anonymously, Typhoid was activated only once per mission due to her obvious mental instability. While her origin story may be a bit hard to pin down in Iron Fist, it’s entirely possible that Davos and Joy somehow have control of Mary’s “Bloody Mary” persona and use it to enact vengeance upon Danny.

Another aspect of her character that I expect to carry over from the comics is the fact that, while “Mary” and “Typhoid” are unable to retain the other personalities’ memories, “Bloody Mary” does, and uses “Mary’s” relationship with Daredevil as a way to take advantage of him and commit murders across the city. Similarly, in Iron Fist, I could see her breaking Joy and Davos’s control to wreak havoc upon the city while her “Mary” persona maintains a relationship with Danny or a similar unsuspecting character, unaware that her other persona is committing atrocities in New York.

All that being said, Typhoid Mary is a fan favorite, and, if the Iron Fist creators do her justice, she is a prime candidate for crossovers into other Netflix shows. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if her character is simply a tease that leads into a primary role as an antagonist in season 3 of Jessica Jones, a show desperately in need of a captivating villain, or in her more classic role of Daredevil’s love interest in Season 3 or 4 of his own show,(award winning provider net entertainment).