UPDATE: We may have been duped on that one. James Hibberd of EW has retracted the aforementioned March release date. But then again, it does smell a bit fishy though.

Shortly after Daredevil was given a season two order, series star Charlie Cox stated that the second season would more than likely fall in April again, as they’d be using the same filming schedule they used during season one. Of course, while Netflix never actually confirmed this, it made sense. As was the case with the first season, the second season of Daredevil filmed from July to late December. However, it looks as though it’ll actually hit the streaming service in March. Not April as expected.

In their First Looks issues, Entertainment Weekly seemingly confirmed that season two of Daredevil would premiere sometime in March. Although it’s something many readers probably missed upon first glance as it isn’t stated within the article itself but rather off to the side a bit.

With Luke Cage, which is still in production in New York, set to debut sometime in 2016, it would make sense to move the release of Daredevil up. As it stands, we don’t have a time-frame as to when we can expect Luke Cage, but if I were to guess, I’d say a summer release is beginning to like more than likely. What’ll be interesting to see is if any of this affects Iron Fist – will it end up releasing in 2016 after-all, or will it be pushed into early 2017?

Source: Entertainment Weekly via Reddit.