We’re a little over a month out from Ant-Man and it seems like Marvel is finally picking up steam in their promotional campaign. Part of that is a massive update to their official website which now includes a bunch of great information on Ant-Man, his powers, and the all important Pym Particles.

It’s the details relating to the Pym Particles that really got the wheels turning in my head though, specifically this text below which has mysteriously been altered on the site as of today (the entire 2nd sentence has been removed):

Dr. Henry Pym originally discovered and isolated a rare group of subatomic particles, which have become known as the “Pym Particles”, which could increase or decrease the size and mass of objects or living beings. The Pym Particles work by stunting matter into the Kosmos Dimension when shrinking a subject or accruing extra matter from that dimension when enlarging.

Luckily, I got a screenshot of it last night. Nice try Marvel!

This is interesting on a number of levels. First, the mention of the Kosmos Dimension is very intriguing. “Kosmos” was first mentioned in Marvel Comics in Tales to Astonish #44, the same issue in which Janet Van Dyne is introduced and receives her wings. In this issue, Dr. Vernon Van Dyne, Janet’s father, is attempting to pierce space and detect signals from other planets using gamma ray beams when a mysterious creature from the planet Kosmos escapes down the path of the ray and wreaks havoc. Hank Pym as the Ant-Man teams up with his new sidekick Janet – now going by the Wasp – and defeats the creature. Nothing else is mentioned about the mysterious planet.

Kosmos isn’t really detailed much further until Avengers #382 (1995) when Hank Pym as Giant Man discovers Eric Josten (Atlas, Goliath) imprisoned on a “Kosmos Penal Colony”. Here, Josten explains that he’s discovered that all of the extra mass that the Pym Particle subjects take on is siphoned from Kosmos. This clearly lines up exactly to what the official text from the site says.

Later, in Thunderbolts #13 (1999), Eric Josten finds himself once again on Kosmos as a member of the Thunderbolts. It’s in this issue that Kosmos is first explained to be a dimension rather than just a planet.

Unfortunately, outside of this text, there isn’t a whole lot more to explain. I spent a good portion of last night and this morning/afternoon trying to find more references to it in the comics that would help us understand how they might use it in the film. This page and this page from Thunderbolts #13 has the best overview of the current information available about the dimension/realm, but as I’ve mentioned, it’s pretty light on details.

So what does this all Kosmos craziness mean for the movie and the MCU? It could mean nothing and that it’s simply just a nod to some lesser known Ant-Man crap. On the other hand, the Kosmos Dimension is a fairly big part of the the Pym Particle lore, even though it isn’t touched on very often in the comics. Possibly merging it with pre-existing concepts like the Microverse could be a cool concept; I can’t imagine many people would mind. It certainly would give the Marvel Cinematic Universe access to a whole new race of villains and could provide some very interesting locales for Earth based heroes without requiring them to travel halfway across the galaxy. If you add in the magical realms of Doctor Strange, it really makes the Earth based side of the universe feel just as vast as the cosmic end. Plus, why post it on the site and remove it a day later? Could that have hinted at a bigger plot point like Giant-Man or Kosmosians? Seems we’ll have to wait until July to find out!

Additionally, the text taken from the website specifically mentions decreasing AND increasing. With the groundwork for the Kosmos Dimension being laid out and the official text hinting at increasing as well, it seems fairly logical to assume that Marvel is definitely looking to introduce Giant-Man in the near future. If I had to guess, I’d speculate that we may get a small glimpse of that ability in Captain America: Civil War as it’s looking unlikely he’d get a sequel anytime soon unless Ant-Man has Guardians of the Galaxy level success at the box office. A full on Giant-Man is something I could see happening in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 or 2.

What do you think their plans are with the Kosmos Dimension? When do you think we’ll see Giant Man? Sound off in the comments below.