While the UK release date of Doctor Strange on Blu-Ray was announced recently, fans in the USA didn’t know when the mage of Marvel was coming to retail shelves. That is until now. Best Buy has put out details on the steel book version. The good news is that it will be available even earlier than the movie is coming out in Britain, with it dropping into US stores on February 28th. That’s less than eight weeks away.

For those new to the steel books, they are a premium version of Blu-Rays that Marvel does for all their films. The case is made of stronger material and the cover art is variant for the steel box release. In the case of Doctor Strange the art features the Eye of Agamatto and hints of Strange’s travel through multiple dimensions. For those who loved the 3D experience in the theater, the Blu-Ray will come in both a 3D and regular format. Check out this mystical bad boy:


Two questions about the home release remain unanswered. First of all, when will it be available digitally via iTunes or Amazon? In the past, digital releases would happen a week, or even a month, ahead of the Blu-Ray release. Captain America: Civil War, however, released digitally at the same time as the hard copies. It seems unlikely that Strange will come out in any format earlier that February, 28th. As for the Netflix release, that’s even more up in the air. At MCUExchange we have been guessing June, based on Disney’s releases thus far under their Netflix contract. That would also put a similar gap between the Blu-Ray and Netflix, based on Civil War‘s dates.

Keep tuned to MCUExchange for all the updates on when Doctor Strange will come to a TV near you!

Source: Best Buy via comicbook.com