So it begins. If last night’s leak of actual Avengers: Infinity War footage didn’t do anything to appease your rabid need for anything related to the third Avengers outing, these Vanity Fair covers commemorating the studio’s 10th anniversary and the massive undertaking Feige and co. went through to deliver us the concluding epic certainly isn’t going to do any favors for you. You can check them out here!

Consider this Marvel Studios first step in promoting Avengers: Infinity War. The release of these covers coincide with the Russo Brothers’ cryptic tweet of the number 3. 3 days until the trailer? 3 hours? 3 decades?! Whatever it is, this Vanity Fair release along with a wonderful write up and some new promotional shots is just the beginning of some huge things to come REAL freaking soon!

This huge ass photoshoot was teased a couple of weeks ago by several of the stars. It’s great that we’re finally seeing some of it. Some of the Avengers featured are already repping their new duds from Avengers: Infinity War (like Black Widow’s new costume and Hawkeye’s shaven look) while some are wearing old familiar costumes. The Thor costume Chris Hemsworth has on looks particularly new (and lines up with some of the promo art online). Interestingly enough, Linda Cardinelli who plays Hawkeye’s wife is also included in this huge ensemble. We’re guessing she plays a small part in Infinity War.

What do you think of these images? Excited for a trailer yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Vanity Fair