This week was a week full of trailers and we talk about them all here on Marvel News Desk, the official Podcast of MCU Exchange.  Our main conversation is about Venom.  What do we expect from that movie after the head-scratching non-trailer we got for the film?  Does it give any clues about the role of the movie in the broader world of Sony’s kind-of-MCU-but-kind-of-not-MCU franchise?  We also look at that Jessica Jones trailer as well as talk about all the news.  So put in your ear buds, lend us your earballs, and click play on another marvelous episode of Marvel News Desk, your best podcast for the latest MCU news, reviews, and speculation!

(Reminder that we go full spoilers for everything in the MCU that has come out.  So if you have something you are still catching up on, use the time stamps below.)


0:00-Marvel Weather Desk

2:40-Black Panther News of the Week
8:14-Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Shoot
13:15-Mouseflix Marvel Show Details and New Warriors Detour
18:08-Quick Hit News: Captain Marvel Working Title, Punisher Season 2 Stories, Super Bowl Ad Went Well for Marvel

21:10-Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer
26:51-Infinity War Super Bowl Spot

33:09-We Need to Talk About Venom

49:55-Netflix Malaise is Real

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