Over the past few years, Marvel Studios has found itself being called out for their lack of diversity within their films. While both Black Panther and Captain Marvel are on the horizon, they’re only a small step forward to what is hopefully a more inclusive cinematic universe going forward. With that said, Victoria Alonso, who has been involved with the studio for a long time now and was promoted to the Head of Physical Production last year, has been very vocal in the past regarding her hopes for more diversity within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which is why her role as a producer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is such an important one.

Taking some time out of her busy schedule, Alonso spoke with The Mary Sue about her role as a female producer in a world overrun by men, as well as where they’re currently at with the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.

When asked what it’s like for her to go to work every day, in a field where women are often left out, Alonso explained that for her, she prefers not to view it that way. Instead, she’s glad just to have a seat at the table with everyone else.

What’s it like to be a female producer in a male-driven profession?

I don’t ever walk into a room and say “Oh, here comes the woman.” I don’t ever think that my opinions are not heard because it’s the opinion of a woman. I’ve never had that chip on my shoulder. I walk in the room and I’m just glad to be one of the smart people to have a part and have a seat at the table. There’s times where perhaps it’s been difficult and I wish there was a little more balance, that [things] were like 50/50 because I think that’s a healthy balance. I don’t want a company of all women, by the way. I just think that the balance that we create with each other is a beautiful balance and that’s what I urge everyone. Balance is healthy. To have different opinions is healthy. To have people from both sides is healthy. To have people with diverse backgrounds is healthy and it’s good and it’s what the world is. I haven’t found it particularly difficult but then again, not very much gets under my skin. I pretty much shrug it off and keep on going. I always say that on any given day, I give about 1,000 opinions and 998 don’t stick. So at the end of the day, I just do the math and I go “well, two of them were good” and I move on.

One thing Alonso has been very, very vocal about in the past is the need for more diversity within the MCU. In fact, she called the studio out on their lack of female superheroes before Captain Marvel was officially announced. With that said, how does she feel about Marvel and how they’re going about diversity these days? Well, while Alonso is glad to see progress, she doesn’t deny they still have a long way to go.

How do you think Marvel is doing in terms of diversity and female representation, and what would be your goal for the future?

I think we have a lot of work to do. I think this is a good beginning, we’re chipping at it but it’s a big mountain and I feel like we’re a little behind in our chipping. So all hands on deck to make sure we continue to make an impact, we continue to empower women and we empower diversity and we empower all kinds of people because everyone has the inner strength to become a superhero. I will not rest until we have the first female superhero movie on the screen and I hope it’s the first of many to come. And I hope DC Comics does the same thing. And I hope every other studio does the same thing because we need to have more of it. Forty percent of our fans are women, so we’ve been failing them. We gotta make sure that we don’t. We gotta get out there and make sure that 40 percent as well as the other 60 percent will be delighted by awesome, powerful women telling great stories. So it’s a good beginning, but the progress that we need to make is far more than what we have made.

While Marvel has made plenty of progress with Black Panther, as that film is set to go before cameras in just a couple of months, things have been rather quiet concerning Captain Marvel. We know that Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson is set to tackle the role of Carol Danvers, and we know that writers Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve are writing the script, but there’s currently no director attached. So what could Alonso reveal regarding the status of the project? According to her, all of that news is coming.

How far along are you with Captain Marvel now that Brie Larson has been cast?

We have an incredible performer in Brie Larson and a devoted woman to hold this banner which is a heavy one, I have to say. We’re in early conversations. We have writers and we are trying to get a script done. We don’t have a director yet, but it’s coming. It’s all coming.

Captain Marvel is set to hit the big screen on March 8th, 2019.

Source: The Mary Sue.