Black Panther has been filming quite a few scenes in South Korea, though how these shoots will integrate into the film is unclear. Theories have ranged from it being another place that young T’Challa spends his time learning about the world, or maybe he is on a wild goose chase that brings him to the country. Naturally, it could also just be a stand-in for the modern city of Wakanda, which was shown to combine modern and traditional African elements into one city. So far not much has been known, but we received a small glimpse behind the scenes that could offer a bit more insight what is to be expected.

Set pics show a car chase in Busan, South Korea, which we previously reported on here:

In this 14 second video, filmed at the Jagalchi Fish Market, we don’t get much outside of what seems to be a a member of the Dora Milaje getting ready to fight someone. Her dress would imply that she has just left a fancy party. Prehaps T’Challa is out on a global mission as he took over the position as king since the events of Captain America: Civil War. At some point, the film was described as a geopolitical thriller and it would make sense that as the new king, he would be forced to travel parts of the world to represent Wakanda. It seems that someone might try to take the kings head, which will prompt one of the Dora Milaje to jump into action.

That isn’t all, as we also received a small look at Michael B. Jordan from Nathan Edmondson’s set visit. He isn’t in costume, but his corn rows call to mind the comic book look at his character, Erik Killmonger. Sadly, there is not too much it reveals and he does not offer much information on what he uncovered from his set visit.

What do you think? How do you think the South Korea shoot factors into the film?

Source: Den of Geek