The Defenders will finally be releasing on Netflix across the world within hours and this is not stopping Netflix from offering more footage of the upcoming crossover. The video below not only offers more footage, but also interviews with the actors talking about their roles, the importance of New York and finally coming together. Most of the footage has already been released with previous trailers, but it does add a nice touch to see these actors share their excitement on being part of this mini-series

Netflix is aware what is truly selling this series. Seeing these four very unique characters be forced to work together does make the mini-series stand out. We also get a good glimpse of the Hand and its many fractions that were revealed over the course of Daredevil and Iron Fist. At first, not a lot of attention is given to the main villain played by Sigourney Weaver, but to build up more hype we get an additional trailer that puts the spotlight on the mysterious Alexandra.

There are a lot of hints at the darker side of this mini-series and what her agenda could potentially be. We also get small glimpses at the various supporting characters that return from the various series and the danger their bonds hold. They are also pushing the action sequences much more as the release draws near and we have gotten quite a lot of scenes of Danny using the Iron Fist. Both videos end on a joke of Jessica Jones nicknaming her new teammates and it will be interesting to see what others she will be making up over the course of the show.

Are you excited for the release? Will you binge the whole show, or take your time? Let us know!

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