Potential spoilers for Avengers 4 below!

A couple of days, some very revealing photos from set of Avengers 4 surfaced, teasing a blast from the past in the form of Tony Stark’s Captain America: Civil War hologram technology called BARF. Not only did the photos confirm the return of them distinguishable Avengers-2012 duds but some seemingly dubious rumblings from the set placed Frank Grillo aka Crossbones in the area. Turns out, the latter was legit after all. Check out what our boi Robert Downey Jr. posted on Instagram yesterday.

So Crossbones may not be the only dead villain on set, Maximiliano Hernandez might be on it as well. In case any of you forgot, Hernandez plays Jasper Sitwell, slimy HYDRA agent who has appeared in a bunch of Phase 1 films (then a SHIELD agent, obvi) and whose death by ‘highway assault’ came at the hands of the Winter Soldier. The source of the set rumblings purported that Tony was going through previous Avengers missions with the hopes of finding a way to defeat Thanos, hence those BARF callbacks. It makes total sense that Jasper Sitwell would appear in one of them, considering he was present in the events leading up to the Battle of New York.

Here’s the get-together RDJ was teasing in the image above. Spot Sitwell behind Downey.

Source: Instagram