It’s been a strange couple days for the Inhumans movie. A week ago today, there were rumors, that have since been proven false, that the movie was being put on indefinite hold. Then, the always talkative Vin Diesel once again voiced the possibility of him playing another character in the MCU.

Diesel has been teasing another role with Marvel, whether it be Vision or Black Bolt, for the past few years. Even at the time of him agreeing to play Groot, it was deemed as a quick solution for his fans. Vision has since been filled by Paul Bettany but Black Bolt seems to make all the sense in the world for both parties.

He recently spoke with IGN and gave a small demonstration as to how he would play the silent ruler of the Inhumans.

The deal for him to play Black Bolt is probably more a formality at this point, especially when he says things like this.

When Kevin Feige started talking to me about it, there was something that was kind of genius about, who would ever think, a voice for one thing and presence for the other would be pretty genius.

Diesel is a big enough name that it would automatically help make Inhumans a must see movie in theaters and with this being a “risky” project for Marvel, getting Diesel and surrounding him with other big names would help drive up the box office earnings.

Inhumans is scheduled to hit theaters July 12, 2019.

Source: IGN