Earlier this week, we got a glimpse at the set of Daredevil Season 3 when images of Charlie Cox in the black costume from season 1 surfaced. It was a very rare glimpse considering the photos were part of a handful of images to hit online in the 6 months they filmed and that the show is set to wrap up any day now. Just now, Vincent D’Onofrio took to Twitter to announce that he has finished filming for the season. He also teased what was coming.

D’Onofrio last spoke about the show last December when he teased some iconic moments in the upcoming season that fans have been waiting for. I for one cannot wait for that DD v. Fisk and Bullseye showdown. With rumors of a new and improved second season of Iron Fist and now this, the future of the Marvel-Netflix universe seems brighter than ever.

What iconic Fisk vs. Daredevil moment are you looking forward to in Season 3?

Source: Twitter