You gotta love the Russo Brothers. In the Marvel films they’ve done, the two brothers have never failed to showcase their love for the deepest cuts of source material. From the classic Hawkeye/Ant-Man combo from Avengers #223 to subtle references to the Wakandan Necropolis and their culture of death, The Russos love exploring the obscurest of mythological trappings of Marvel comics, so much so that they’re doing it all over again in the Avengers: Infinity War based on these set photos featuring Vision donning a classic look die-hard fans will recognize and understand, EOnline.

And by classic, I mean his Victor Shade alter ego. If you aren’t a die-hard comic Avengers fan, Victor Shade was the pseudonym the Vision took when he developed the ability to project himself as a normal looking dude in the comics. I first came across this obscure facet of the character reading Kurt Busiek and George Perez‘s Ultron Unlimited in a page where the Vision as Victor Shade creepily stalks Wanda in public.

And oh yeah, Vision and Wanda also make out apparently in this film. Maybe they were secretly in love all along in Scotland and that Vision wasn’t there to arrest her but to make sexy time with her. No biggie since we all saw it coming in the past two films since Avengers: Age of Ultron. I’d gush about that if I weren’t so busy going crazy over the Russo’s including this power of Vision in the film.

The inclusion of this power in the film is interesting as it could primarily be a way of easing movie audiences into their whole “I slept with a robot” romance, a concept which isn’t widely accepted by society (thanks Puritans!). I’ve read theories too of this scene possibly being another alternate timeline/dream sequence wherein the Infinity Gems do something to mess with the fabric of reality. Personally, I think it’s just the Russos nodding to the rich history the character has had over the years. Regardless of whatever reason they have up in their sleeve, I’m just happy seeing Victor Shade show up and Paul Bettany not have to suffer through makeup for a change.

Source: E Online