As filming for Avengers: Infinity War continues in Old Town Edinburgh, Scotland, we’ve had quite a few good looks at set pictures and videos. We’ve heard rumors that Tony Stark, Black Widow and Doctor Strange would appear on set and then yesterday, we saw Paul Bettany show up in full Vision-mode. One of the set pics showed Vision lying on the ground and it was presumed that maybe Bettany was taking a break. However, a new video from the set calls that into question.

The video, though only 1 second long, gives us enough to believe that while Vision is in Edinburgh, he is attacked and even given a beat down by someone wielding a staff. We’ve seen some speculation that, based on the staff, it could be Karl Mordo, but we believe that it’s a different character. The person in the video is wearing a CGI mocap suit, similar to the one worn by James Spader in Avengers: Age of Ultron. While we don’t have a lot of information about the scene, we think that part of it involves some sort of attack on Black Widow or Wanda Maximoff (depending on who you think the girl from yesterday’s report is), perhaps to draw out Vision in an attempt to take the Infinity Stone from his head. We know that Thanos is going to get that stone, so could this be his first attempt? We know that Thanos will have some henchmen in the film, so it’s possible that this weapon-wielding CGI character could be one of the Black Order lieutenants serving the same purpose. Proxima Midnight or Corvus Glaive anyone?

Source: Marvel Cinematic Universe FB Page