As one Marvel streaming platform nears its end, one takes another step towards a new life. We now have a title for the Scarlet Witch miniseries that star Elizabeth Olsen is set to headline in Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+: Vision & the Scarlet Witch, this according to Deadline. It was first reported by Slashfilm a few weeks back that Wanda’s android hubby would be playing a huge part in the streaming service.

The character will be a title character for the first time next year with the launch of Vision and the Scarlet Witch, a Disney+ streaming series.

Comic book readers will recognize the Disney+ title to be the same title given to the duo’s brief run back in the 80s. Vision & the Scarlet Witch is one of several miniseries reportedly to being developed for Disney+, among them a prequel series starring Loki, a buddy team-up with Bucky & Falcon, a Nick Fury solo series, and a rumored Rocket & Groot spin-off.

Source: Deadline