Spider-Man: Far From Home set reports are officially in today. A lot of them detail a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff that dates back to August 2018 when the set visit happened. One of the things the producers clarified to the press was the absence of Spider-Man: Homecoming baddie Vulture, who was said to be appearing in the film according to several reliable film reporters.

We adored Michael Keaton’s take on the character and definitely kept him in mind when we were writing it, but once we went down this path, all our ideas to include him started to feel like, ‘Are they just shoehorning him in because he’s a great actor and wanted to work with him one more time?’…We [also] teased the Scorpion [in Homecoming’s post-credits scene]. He is not in this movie. Nor is Michael Mando.

For the longest time, comic fans have wanted to see the Sinister Six come to fruition on screen in the best way possible. The announcement that Vulture was going to be in a film headed by Mysterio set the wheels in motion that the Sinister Six formation is finally happening. A bit of a bummer to know that he’s not cameoing in this but very understandable given all the stuff they have going on. Everyone knows how overstuffing Spidey movies tend to ruin them.

Source: Slashfilm