One of the main things Avengers: Infinity War trailer gave fans was a good idea of what A and B storylines are going to be, come May of this year. From the presented footage alone, there’s enough to piece together how the plot is going to work out; you got the Guardians of the Galaxy with a few handpicked Avengers in space fighting Thanos while Cap’s team helps defend Wakanda from Thanos’ aliens. Pretty simple right? Not exactly. In last weekend’s ACE Comic-Con, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan were asked about the experience working with such a massive ensemble and they let slip a particular reveal about the trailer’s Wakanda battle. Watch it!

So Mackie pretty much reveals that Spidey and Drax will be part of the charging ensemble during the Wakanda invasion. We originally thought that the Wakanda fight would feature the Avengers not included in the space fight. We know that Drax and Spidey end up in that yellow ruined planet alongside Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, and Mantis so depending on which comes first, there’ll be a lot of space traveling for our heroes. The interesting here is that Mackie offhandedly hints at roughly 40 heroes in that sequence. It’s likely an exaggeration but it makes you wonder if the ENTIRE Avengers roster actually shows up to defend Wakanda. It was confirmed last year that Cap and Iron Man would confront each other one more time in the film so maybe this is where they all convene.

Source: Youtube