Walton Goggins is a bonafide talent. It’s always being said every time his name pops up but Goggins is a beast of an actor, stealing the show of whatever project he’s in. And the fact that he’s playing one of the main characters in Ant-Man & the Wasp is such a cool deal to me. Also, he finished filming for that a couple of days ago.

Goggins is playing Sonny Burch, one of the purported main villains of the ensemble, and him completing film means that they are getting real close to finishing up. They’ve been in production for several months now, going back and forth to Atlanta and San Francisco for shooting locations, and should wrap up anytime soon. In fact, David Dastmalchian, who plays Kurt in the Three Wombats or the Antourage as he likes to call it, just posted an image on Twitter confirming the film’s ‘almost-wrap.’

And hey, that’s Randall Park‘s Agent Jimmy Woo!

Source: Instagram