For a while, it really seemed like 2020 would be the first MCU-less year for fans, with anemic box-office returns of Mulan and Tenet, talks of Black Widow getting pushed further, and the production delays to certain Marvel-Disney+ shows. Well, it looks like we’re getting at least one MCU property this year in the form of Wandavision. Disney+ just dropped a teaser of stuff to come this year and Wandavision was included in that list. The show was originally slated to come out later this year and it looks like that hasn’t changed.

Both Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier have recently resumed production and from what we heard, Wandavision had filmed a lot more than Falcon by the time COVID hit so they’ve got a leg up as far as completion goes. I guess the biggest question right now is how much of Kevin Feige‘s planned sequence of films/shows that map out the larger plot of Phase 4 is affected. Black Widow might contain something that’s crucial to Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Wandavision was reportedly going to lead into the Doctor Strange sequel and that hasn’t begun filming. Lots of questions here but all in all, it’s great to hear that we’re getting something MCU related this year.

Source: Disney+