Happy New Year, folks. We’re back to a year where fans of the MCU will get spoiled by a treasure trove of content. Content that was glaringly absent last year. In a little over a week, we’ll finally get to watch Wandavision. Last night, it was reported that the said series is confirmed to have 9 episodes that’s slated to air from January 15th to March 5th. That’s over an 8-week period meaning we’re likely going to get more than one episode when it premieres.

Fans have pointed out that because of the sitcom nature of the shows, some of these episodes may unlikely be as lengthy as the standard Mandalorian episode. Add to that comments about the series being akin to a 6-hour movie, it’s safe to assume that the 6 hours will be spread among all 9 episodes. The great thing about it ending on March 5 is that it’ll be real close to the premiere of Falcon and the Winter Soldier which is on March 19.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse