As we enter 2020, we learned that the premiere date of WandaVision Disney+ series has moved up from its original Spring 2021 release date to this year which certainly excites a lot of MCU fans. The Disney+ series is already deep in production and various set photos and leaks have already teased big things for the series such as the introduction of SWORD as well as Latveria to the ever changing MCU. And now, a brand new audition tape has surfaced online courtesy of Daniel Richtman, which teased a possibility of Quicksilver returning to the MCU.

The video, which has been deleted as of now, showed a young actor named Nick Fisher playing one half of a twin brother named “Tim” describing what Halloween is like and teasing his other twin that he is the cooler one. For the uninitiated,  it’sbeen rumored that Wanda and Vision’s children Tommy and Billy would be making an appearance in the show. This audition tape certainly gives a strong hint at it. This then led to a throwaway line pointing out their sleeping “uncle” on the couch in which they described as someone who snores like a baller. The aforementioned uncle could very well be Pietro Maximoff or Quicksilver given his relation to the twins.

Given that this is a leaked audition tape, we can all take this is as a grain of salt but it is interesting nonetheless. It’s also worth noting how sitcom-y the dialogue is, which gives credence to those earlier reports that the first half of the show will indeed be under that umbrella. We also know that Wanda will make full use of her reality-altering powers in this series and bringing back someone from the dead would be one of her priorities since Vision is long gone. And now, reviving her long-dead brother will certainly make things interesting and confusing.

This will come as a shock to most MCU fans since we haven’t had confirmation that Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be back to portray the role. If this proves to be true, this could be one of the best-kept secrets from Marvel Studios. We still don’t know if this return would either be a cameo or a bigger part moving forward. Either way, it is a welcoming one.

The good news is we can find out if Quicksilver will return when WandaVision premieres on Disney+ sometime at the latter part of 2020.


Source: Vimeo via Twitter