Earlier this year, it was confirmed that 2020 will bring us two new shows from Marvel Studios. Originally, we were only going to get Falcon & The Winter Soldier but now WandaVision was also added to this year’s slate.  As such, this will be a massive year for Disney+ and Marvel Studios. It is fitting that they will start airing more series with 2020 also being their international rollout into Europe. As such, the question remained when we can expect the first two Marvel shows to stream. Luckily, the Q1 2020 Earnings call by Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Wandavision would be premiering on August and December, respectively.

There is still some time until they release but it will be the start of a new era for Marvel Studios. Luckily, we won’t have to wait until the end of the year for more MCU with Black Widow and The Eternals on the horizon. Still, it looks like they are aiming to release new content at a steady rate for Disney+. The Q1 Earnings call also confirmed The Mandalorian‘s second season release for October. At this rate, we might see new releases at least every month for the streaming platform. This aligns with the confirmation of a total of seven additional shows being in some form of production for Disney+, which was also confirmed in the same call. Cannot wait to see what is heading our way in the coming years, as these shows give Marvel Studios more leeway for even more creativity, especially if WandaVision is any hint of what is to come.

What do you think? Which show are you most excited to see this year?

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