Our information draught came to an end with the reveal of multiple directors for Hawkeye. Sadly, this news also came with the confirmation of the long-awaited delay for WandaVision. The Hollywood Reporter does not highlight it but states that, if everything goes as planned, we will see a spring 2021 release. However, Deadline is reporting that its Fall 2020 date remains on track. Originally, the show was set to potentially air around December. Falcon and the Winter Soldier was even going to be released next month but is also delayed for an unknown amount of time though THR only states that it is still eyeing a fall 2020 release.

With the world still fighting the pandemic, delays were sadly inevitable. There is still a good chance that if things calm down they might start production again. Tom Holland‘s Uncharted aims to start production soon and the latest Jurassic Park has also started recently. Things aren’t 100% safe but they might still try to get shots together that don’t require that many people. Some of these limitations might still be in place for the next few years, so it is uncertain how the industry will adapt. Here’s hoping they find something soon but let’s not forget that the cast and crews’ safety is the highest priority.

What are your expectations for WandaVision? Any sitcom tribute you hope to see?

Source: THR