Noticeably absent from any of the Disney+ goodies that surfaced today was Wandavision. But thanks to our friend Charles Murphy, we have some new information on the show that should tide us for the meantime. According to him, parts of the show will feature a live-studio audience, which goes perfectly with the cast’s description of what the show could possibly be. As teased by the official concept art, the show will portray Vision in his Avengers: Infinity War human form though it likely won’t be for the whole series.

Charles also shared details on Kathryn Hahn‘s mysterious role, who was teased as the “nosy neighbor” in D23. Hahn’s character role will be named Agnes, which may or may not be a play on Agatha Harkness, a character that was said to appear in the show according to some leaks. I Love Lucy has been cited as an inspiration and the character of Agnes will be one of *Wandavison‘s homages to the classic show.

With its sitcom homages, kooky cast of characters, and an epic movie-level plot, Wandavison might be the companies boldest take on a superhero story yet and we’re all here for it.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse