As we inch closer and closer to 2021, fans have been getting more anxious about learning when Wandavision is set to premiere in the last few weeks in the year. Entertainment Weekly just dropped a first-look at Wandavision in their latest issue which unfortunately contained no concrete premiere dates but did contain some pretty cool details about the show. Check out the magazine’s exclusive images below!

While the coverage is filled with the usual fluff from executives and producers sharing their excitement, it is hard not to get a little bit hyped with how they keep describing the show. The show’s head writer Jac Schaeffer had this to say about the show’s tone.

The show is a love letter to the golden age of television. We’re paying tribute and honoring all of these incredible shows and people who came before us, [but] we’re also trying to blaze new territory.

There’s also been a lot of talk on just how many episodes the Marvel shows would have. With the Mandalorian having 8 episodes per season, some assumed that the Marvel shows would be in the same ballpark. EW described the show as a six-hour series but head honcho Kevin Feige had this interesting tidbit to add when asked about his love for old school television.

Getting ready to go to set over the last few years, I kept thinking of how influential these programs were on our society and on myself, and how certainly I was using it as an escape from reality where things could be tied up in a nice bow in 30 minutes.

So is it possible that Wandavision could be made out of shorter 30-minute episodes along with epic hourly ones? It’s an interesting thought that wouldn’t limit the season to just six episodes. There’s a bunch more stuff that I really recommend that you guys check out. You can tell from this piece how excited everyone involved is.

Source: EW