Fans of the MCU may now have a Vision into some potentially Wanda-ful news! According to a report from, the new Disney+ series WandaVision has a production start date of September 21st, just over a month from now!

This can only be qualified as a rumor right now, but it would make at least some sense considering the circumstances of the release schedule. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set to start its production in October of this year with a release in Fall 2020, and Tom Hiddleston shared that his new Loki series is scheduled to begin shooting in early 2020 with a scheduled release in Spring 2021. Considering TV series usually begin filming and production roughly a year in advance of the release, this would put WandaVision’s start as a little bit further in advance than normal until we remember just how much we’re going to be seeing Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch in a very short time frame. She is scheduled to star in both WandaVision, scheduled to premiere sometime in Spring 2021 on Disney+, and alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, set for a May 7, 2021 world premiere.

While the details are still murky behind how many episodes the series will consist of, along with a definitive plot, there are plenty of theories circling what exactly this story will bring to the MCU. We do know that Wanda’s adventures in this series will directly affect her and lead into her journey into the multiverse with our resident Sorcerer Supreme. All we know about Vision at this point is that he’s, well, dead, and there are still plenty of unknowns after not seeing him at all in Avengers: Endgame. With the potential of an even more expansive shared universe as Disney+ is unveiled next year, fans are that much more excited for WandaVision, along with 2 more confirmed years of MCU mayhem!