In the past week, several set photos from the set of WandaVision revealed our first look at Randall Park‘s Jimmy Woo on the set of the Disney+ series. It seems that the set photos might become one of the final ones to be released as it was revealed over the weekend that the cast and crew have already celebrated the end of filming for the show. A crew member shared photos of the wrap party on Instagram which you can see below.

The said wrap party took place at Atlanta’s Skyline Park which features several fun activities for the cast and crew to enjoy. While the show has wrapped filming nine months before its release in December, it is plausible that there will be reshoots down the line in order to reshoot some of the scenes or add some more. A small glimpse of the Disney+ series has already been revealed courtesy of the Disney+ reel of all of the MCU shows that was released in this year’s Superbowl weekend. With principal photography coming to a close, a full-length trailer for WandaVision is not too far away. Stay tuned to that March 5 Disney+ event later this week.

Source: Instagram