Doom has been on every MCU fan’s lips since our good friend Charles Murphy dropped a rumor about Marvel’s most iconic villain possibly appearing as a big bad in the Black Panther sequel. While that debut for the character remains to be seen, Doom’s arrival in the MCU is an absolute at this point. Case in point, this crazy rumor from a Twitter user claiming to have been cast on the Disney+ show Wandavision.

So, as you can read, this Twitter user claims to have been cast on the show and that filming of her scenes would take place in the state of Georgia, in a town called Helen. What’s even more interesting is that the claims that Helen is essentially going to be a stand-in for Doomstadt, the capital of Latveria. Charles Murphy was logical enough to put images of Helen and comic panels of Doomstadt together and the similarities are, well, uncanny.

So, why Latveria? Any fan who knows of Doom’s roots knows his country’s ties to sorcery. Doom, along with his mother, Cynthia were skilled sorcerers. With Wandavision set to dive deep into Wanda’s psyche and powers and with the likely inclusion of Agatha Harkness, Doomstadt could serve as one of those places where we learn more of origin of sorcery in the MCU.

So, is this legit or not? It’s honestly so uncertain at this point. On one hand, Helen is a spot-on location to base Latervia on, with its Eastern European Bavarian designs; it’s too specific of a location to namedrop. On the other, it’s tough to buy the claims of an actor who may or may not have broken major NDA stipulations. Prepare that salt as always.

Souce: Murphy’s Multiverse