One of the things fans are looking forward to in Wandavision is how the show is going to tackle the various eras of the sitcom genre. We’ve seen images and footage of them doing the classic 60s and 70s sitcom but we haven’t seen any modern stuff yet. If you had any question about how they planned to tackle the modern era of sitcoms, look no further than this month’s issue of Empire where Kevin Feige reveals that there will be a The Office-tyle mockumentary episode in the season, complete with talking heads and all.

As a huge fan of The Office, the idea of a documentary crew following Vision and Wanda’s day-to-day sounds absolutely bonkers and exciting. As if an already ambitious show didn’t take it to the next level, the meta nature of the format is likely going to give us a very fascinating look at the Vision residence’s charmed life. I hope they find a way to inject some Michael Scott antics in the episode in some form too.

Source: Empire