Our old friend Charles Murphy has shed more details about WandaVision potentially pointing to the series having multiple time jumps. Likely, as he theorizes, to facilitate the growth of Wanda’s rumored children, Tommy and Billy. According to him and his sources, WandaVision will pay tribute to the great sitcoms over the years from the 50s to today. This would also make the teaser poster for the show make even more sense. As it shows half the world in black and white and the other half in color. Indicating that we’ll first see a tribute to The Dick Van Dyke Show and so on as time passes.

Additionally, two very specific shooting locations were discovered: a hospital and high school. The likely reason for the hospital, if her children being introduced in the show is true, is where we’ll see Tommy and Billy born. The high school location is more obviously when they grow up attending it. That high school setting is just ripe for a Boy Meets World homage with an episode focusing on the boys.

However, that hospital location could also be a source for potential cameos. As Charles was told to expect “a great number of cameos and the introduction of several characters” from WandaVison. Meaning that we could potentially see Doctor Strange or maybe other Avengers. Not to mention that they’ve reportedly finished filming for episode 3, making this hospital location less likely to be for the birth of the twins. But, not everything has to have been shot in chronological order. It could be a potentially recurring location in the show and they could have shot their birth then.

Regardless, the more we hear about this show the weirder it gets.

Which sitcoms do you want WandaVision to pay tribute to?

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse