Not much is known about Disney+’s upcoming WandaVision show, save for the confirmation that stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany would be reprising their roles as the titular Avenger couple and that Captain Marvel/Black Widow screenwriter would be showrunning. But thanks to That Hashtag Show’s Charles Murphy, we may have something new to look forward to in Wanda’s growth. In our new podcast Murphy’s Law (which I’m shamelessly plugging for you to check out), Charles shared this rumor he heard about WandaVision :

I’ve heard that as this show unfolds, it’s gonna find Wanda really starting to come into her powerset and that the reality-altering powers from the comic are gonna make their way into MCU.

A couple of weeks back, Olsen vaguely alluded to a 50s-inspired tone based on concept art that was presented to her by Marvel. As Charles mentions in the podcast, it is unclear how these new reality-warping powers relate to that 50s tone or whether it’ll even have something to do with Vision’s actual return. Avengers: Endgame gave us a quick taste of what a powerful Wanda looks like.

The notion of reality-warping in the MCU has been undefined at best – the MCU Reality Stone can change an object’s physical properties but it also seems limited enough for Thanos to use it to create mere holograms – so it’s kind of hard to determine the extent of where these powers can be pushed. One may even make the argument that Wanda’s current MCU abilities are rooted in some form of her reality-warping. Whatever the case is for the show, it is exciting to see how they develop her abilities.

Source: Murphy’s Law Podcast