Disney+ may not yet have all the content it promised to deliver this year but a few of their original properties have made the waves in acclaim. One, in particular, is their Gallery series; a behind-the-scenes look at the hard work that went into making their shows. So far Disney has only put out a season of behind-the-scenes footage for The Mandalorian but Wandavision may be the next series in line, according to our friend Charles Murphy.

While this isn’t all that surprising, it is pretty cool to see Marvel Studios dabble once more into the world of behind-the-scenes stuff. When physical media was still a thing, I used to get all the DVDs mainly for the Making Of documentaries. The making of the first Iron Man was always a treat to see as well as the making of The First Avenger. It was disappointing to see Marvel Studios stray away from that in the past couple of years. Also, if Wandavision is getting a Gallery season, it’s likely the other MCU shows follow suit. I cannot wait.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse