Out of all the Phase 4 properties, Wandavision has to be the most mind-boggling, with the show being described as a mish-mash of classic 60s sitcom vibes and explosive cinematic spectacle. But thanks to folks like our friend Charles Murphy, we occasionally get some semblance of what the show might be like. Case in point, this new scoop from Murphy’s Multiverse saying that the show will be loosely based on a classic 80s West Coast Avengers story titled Vision Quest.

According to the site, a portion of the story is gonna focus on Wanda trying to find Vision’s body parts which have somehow made its way through various parts around the world. How that happens in the first place is currently unknown, even to Charles himself. Like I said earlier, this show is a mind-blogger. Charles, however, does make an educated guess and goes on to say that S.W.O.R.D. may likely be around to help Wanda in her quest to rebuild Vision and just like in the comics, the Vision that gets inevitably rebuilt in the show won’t be the same Vision we last saw.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse