Marvel’s Double Agent is a new digital series companion to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The show follows Alex Mind, a “double agent” working for a sinister sounding guy named Mastermind who is of course after Marvel secrets (who isn’t?).

What was interesting was the photos he uncovered over the course of the episode. They clearly show a bald-headed blue humanoid, which can really only be one of two things at this point; a Kree or an Inhuman. Either option would be logical with the way AoS has been progressing. A flashback scene showing our first live Kree on AoS is just as likely as a blue Inhuman popping up.

My guess is that it’s a Kree and the show will begin expanding on the origins and mythology of the Inhumans. I can’t imagine Coulson and Co. will be privy to much of this information, but I can see them showing the viewers via flashbacks.

Edit – A reddit user pointed out that the person in the photos looks an awful lot like Eddie McClintock, who will appear on AoS as a mystery character named Vin-Tak (a very Kree sounding name).

You can view the episode in it’s entirety here. What do you think this picture is showing? Sound of in the comments below.