After a long wait, we finally got to see the trailer for Marvel Studios’ biggest film Avengers: Infinity War. It gave us our first look at a variety of returning characters from MCU’s past. There were a few absent faces, most notably Hawkeye and quite a few characters have yet to be confirmed for the film. As of now, we know that the still unnamed sequel has already started filming shortly after the production ended for Infinity War and a recent tweet by Evangeline Lilly may have confirmed her involvement with the project.

The interesting thing to note is that she says she is prepping for Infinity War. The sequel has yet to be given a title and was once known as Infinity War “Part 2″, which would suggest she is just using that to describe her involvement with the sequel. Still, there is also the possibility that they may be doing some reshoots for the first film. She may also be part of an after-credit sequence since Ant-Man and the Wasp has recently ended its production that may have an indirect connection to the threequel. It is most likely that we will see her and Paul Rudd in the fourth Avengers installment, but it would be interesting to see her appear in her full Wasp costume before her own titular film Ant-Man and the Wasp similar to how Spider-Man’s costume was revealed in Captain America: Civil War.

Which film do you think she is talking about? What part do you think Wasp will play in the Avengers sequel?

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