So Facebook has done did it for good.

A couple of months ago, Facebook unpublished our page after months of messing with our page reach. They eventually reinstated it after I sent a hundred appeals but that too was short-lived. Not too long after things were back to normal, we noticed that our reach was back to abysmal numbers. Not too long after that, we got a series of warnings saying our page was in violation of multiple community rules and therefore our reach was being restricted. Yet each time we checked the Page Quality section of our page, everything was pristine and clean. ‘Your Page has no restrictions or violations,’ said the Page Quality section of Facebook.

Last week, we got an alert that we were getting unpublished a 2nd time. I quickly wrote an appeal and got a reply minutes later saying that our page was still violating some rules and therefore could not be published. The case was marked as closed rendering us helpless with no chance of a 2nd appeal.

Now, we know a lot of you loyal readers don’t rely on Facebook for the content we bring. A lot of you have been so great and loyal that you actually go straight to the site. Thing is, we also need new readers in order to grow and scale the site. We always wanna give you more and to do that, we’re gonna need all the reach we can get.

So we’re creating a new Facebook page from scratchHERE

It took us 5 years to get those 40,000 organic likes. We don’t know how long it’ll take us to get there this time around but we’re willing to humbly give it another shot. So if you’re reading this, we could use your help. If it’s not too much ask, do us a solid and like our new page.