Back in 1998, Wesley Snipes got his introduction to comic movies with Blade. The series went on to become a full fledged trilogy, concluding in 2004. Since that point, Snipes has been eager and willing to bring the vampire hunter back to the screen.

He spoke not too long ago about that willingness to work with Marvel again, and even confirmed talks about different possibilities. Most pushed his comments aside as just Marvel doing their due diligence, but it might be more than that after all.

Snipes is back again and said some interesting things to TMZ about what’s in store.

Then we got a super hero joint… We’re gonna put Blade to rest… Sshh… I’m not gonna tell you, you’re gonna see. It’s gonna blow your mind. Guarantee you. It’s great competition for Mr… for Mr. Blade.

Based on that quote, it appears there is some sort of agreement between him and Marvel for a new role in the MCU. What could that role be? Here are a few suggestions, we at MCU Exchange have thought of.

Snipes can next be seen on TV with his new show The Player and a role on the TV side of the MCU could be a nice fit. One possibility would be Cornell Cottonmouth, who was recently rumored to be a small villain in Luke Cage. If Cottonmouth’s role is bigger than what we expect, getting a name like Snipes could be a big selling point on the series.

Another option would be to change the race of Iron Fist villain Steel Serpent and get Snipes to be the big bad in Iron Fist. Snipes has a background in martial arts that would help with the role but at 53, his skills have probably diminished from his days as Blade.

The final possibility we will throw out there would be T’Chaka, if he gets a role on the big screen. The role would likely be brief in order to tell the origin of Black Panther. He is only 15 years older than Chadwick Boseman, who will be T’Challa/Black Panther. He was attached to play T’Challa back in the 90’s, so a role as the father would be a nice tip of the hat to Snipes and fans who have been following the movie’s development over the years.

What role would you like to see Snipes take on in the MCU?

Source: TMZ via The Daily Superhero