One of the most hyped new Marvel productions throughout the last few months has been What If…?, the MCU’s first fully animated show which will premiere on Disney+ in the summer of 2021. There have been a number of varying reports on how many episodes the show will have, along with which exact stories will be animated and brought to the screen, although tonight we finally have more confirmed information straight from the top of the food chain! Thanks to our friend Charles Murphy’s reporting and Buzzfeed Brazil, we have news that Marvel CCO Kevin Feige said recently that What If…? will be 10 episodes long in season 1, and that work has already started on a second season as well!

All of us Marvel fans have been so curious to see where Marvel Studios goes with its first foray into the animation world, and even though this is a change from the original 23 episodes we had originally expected, the episode count will end up coming closer to those of Disney+’s other shows that will start premiering next year. We’ll have to wait to see exactly which stories end up serving as inspiration for each episode, along whether they go with individual movies or the MCU’s biggest characters serving as the center of each episode, but this is without doubt one of the projects from Marvel that has received the most buzz and hype ever since its announcement.  The 10-episode first season of What If…? premieres in the summer of 2021 with season 2 hopefully not far behind, and the wait for its debut is feeling so much longer than the 18 months we still have to endure!

Source: Buzzfeed