Breaking news! The upcoming Marvel roster of Disney+ shows is about to get wacky AF. Slashfilm is reporting that a What If? animated anthology series is headed to the upcoming streaming service and, like other upcoming Marvel shows, will be produced by our lord and savior Kevin Feige himself.

For those who aren’t in the know, What If? was a line of one-shot non-canon comics published by Marvel that placed beloved heroes in interesting, unexpected, and alternate-reality scenarios. According to Slashfilm, these shows will NOT be canon to the MCU but will be based on existing canon and may feature the voices of several MCU stars. One of the ideas the show will explore is “What if Loki had found the hammer of Thor?”

All in all, a very exciting prospect as the possibilities of seeing alternate versions of beloved MCU characters and stories are endless. What if Red Skull got the Infinity Gauntlet? What if Bucky never became the Winter Soldier? What if Captain America was never found? Personally, I’m most curious about what form of animation will be featured in the show. I’d love to see them do a different kind for each episode. A stop-motion episode set in Asgard? Sign me up for Disney+ ASAP!

Source: Slashfilm