One property that’s not getting as much hype as the other upcoming Marvel Studios fare this year is What if?. It could be for the fact that it’s the first animated property from the company and doesn’t seem as weighty as its live-action counterparts. It could be for the fact that there’s been barely any marketing push for it. Whatever the case is, the show is going to explore some really unusual stuff as evidenced by this promo art spotted somewhere in the public. Check it out!

That looks wild. A Guardians team featuring alternate reality versions of the biggest MCU characters? You have Captain Carter, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord T’Challa, Gamora, Black Widow, Thor, and Killmonger (out of all characters!). Of course, you got the Watcher looming over them which looks pretty cool. But as cool as this looks, this does bring some questions regarding how this could come together. Is this team actually going to be a thing in the shows? Will the individual episodes culminate in a multiversal crossover by the end of the seas? Is this just something the licensing team concocted up to package their merch?

Source: Twitter